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Person of Interest 30-Day Challenge – Day 17: Who do you think poses the most threat to our heroes?

I am going to take the liberty of slightly changing the question to “What” poses the greatest threat to our heroes, rather than identifying one particular person as a threat.  In my view, greatest threat is EXPOSURE.  Finch’s initial statement that “We work in secret. You will never find us,” does not seem to be accurate anymore.  Our heroes are in a Catch 22 situation.  The longer they continue conduct their quest to save the Numbers (and sometimes due to Reese’s seeming reckless disregard for subtlety), the wider exposure they gain in the world of law enforcement and the underworld.  Reese and Finch are no longer flying under anyone’s radar. 

Practically every multi-lettered law enforcement agency in the State of New York and the U.S. government are now aware of our heroes’ operation and are actively seeking to capture them:  the CIA, FBI, NYPD, and now, due to Reese’s massive recklessness in Many Happy Returns, the U.S. Marshal Service.  Factor in HR, Elias, the rest of the Mob, and let’s not forget Root, it does not seem that our boys are very anonymous or working in secret at this point.  I believe they will now just have to strive to remain 2 steps ahead of everyone out there who is actively searching to find them, arrest them, destroy them, and/or use them for their own nefarious purposes.