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The shades sequence! Asked about the show going on without Finch or Reese, they stare blankly for a sec before Jim grabs the glasses to hide from the question! When he takes them off, it looks like he’s looking right at my camera, but I can’t tell for sure. 

I think it’s so amusing that everyone’s first reaction is to look at Michael to answer the hard questions!

Just a little something…



From kindaoffkilter’s set of amazing photos I noticed Michael’s bracelet is seen. I lightened it and saw that it reads Coumadin. I have seen him wearing this, but never really knew exactly what it was. Anyhoo, just something I thought was interesting.


COUMADIN is a prescription medicine used to treat blood clots and to lower the chance of blood clots forming in your body. As we all know, Michael has a blood clotting issue, I think it’s thrombosis, and he also sports a medical bracelet. This bracelet is to inform people (probably medics) that this is what he takes for it.

Yes my brother-in-law is an emergency room surgeon in Florida. He always says that is VITALLY important that the emergency room and ambulance techs know immediately if a patient is on Coumadin.  It is a super-strong blood thinner and if they need to do emergency surgery, the doctors have to be aware of the fact that you’re on the thinner so that you don’t bleed out while they’re trying to treat you.

(via simptasia)